Please send us information about any recently published article or book relating to Weimar cinema, including its pre-history and afterlife in exile and up to the present. This information helps us keep the website up-to-date.

In addition, we invite you to participate in any of the following projects:

Archival Materials

If you would like to share primary materials (documents, illustrations, etc), please send them to us as PDFs. Such contributions are welcome additions to the website’s archival holdings.


If you would like to assemble and curate a dossier on a film (like here) or a significant social or political issue, such as Weimar cinema’s engagement with class, gender, sexuality, crime, race, and nationalism, among others, please let us know. A dossier will normally present a selection of circa 10-12 scans of archival documents along with a one-page introduction.

Website Essays

We invite submissions of scholarly web-based essays that benefit from moving images and links. We will consider reprints of recent articles, provided they are updated and revised to make use of embedded film clips, and have copyright clearance from the original publisher. All essays will be peer reviewed.

All contributions will be credited unless anonymity is preferred; publications will receive an honorarium. Before submitting a contribution, please email a brief proposal to weimarcinema@gmail.com