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Hans Helmut Prinzler

Filmbuch-Rezensionen und Aktuelles

A unique monthly review in German of current film books, including books about Weimar cinema. The site is best known for its Buch des Monats feature – the recognition each month of a new outstanding film book. The archive of these monthly online reviews, from 1961 to the present, can be found on this website/blog.

Sadly, this blog has been discontinued due to the author's passing. All existing posts until June 2023 will remain here.

Jan-Christopher Horak

Archival Spaces: Memory, Images, History

This is a consistently insightful blog based on a 40-year commitment to silent and exile cinema as well as the restoration and promotion of Weimar films.  Chris writes: “This blog is a continuation of a blog I have been writing for over ten years. I started it on an Ithaca College website in 2009 at the invitation of my colleague the late Patty Zimmermann, who asked me to consider writing about film archival issues, film history, and the interrelationship between the two. Now, unfortunately, defunct. In 2011, I moved the blog, which I had named Archival Spaces to the UCLA Film & Television website, when I became Director of the Archive. Those blogs are still available at the link in the header. The first blog on this site was written in September 2019 but was not published, because I retired from UCLA. This site has been live since December 2019.”

Klaus Kreimeier

The Early Silent Era 1895-1915

This blog (in English) consists of a collection of more than 1500 films from the first decades of the global history of film. Each film is instantly viewable and accompanied by a brief commentary or references to reviews and other historical materials. This unique online research archive of films before 1915 is of immeasurable value to anyone working on early cinema. Searchable by country, director, genre, and keywords. (See also under Rediscoveries)

Werner Sudendorf

Alte Filme

This site (in German) reprints reviews and essays about films, directors, and actors from the 1920s, including lists of the most successful films 1925-1931.

Michael Glover Smith

White City Cinema

An established Chicago-based blog for masterpieces of global art cinema from 1900 to the present. Michael Glover Smith is a filmmaker (most recently Relative, 2022), film critic, teacher, and co-author of How Chicago Invented the U.S. Film Industry (2015). His blog is famous for its Top 10 lists of the Year in Film, including ten runners-up and a list of Overrated and the Worst. Good coverage of international cinema from the 1920s, including original essays on Weimar classics.

Thomas Gladysz

Louise Brooks Society

This blog and website center around the American film star Louise Brooks who acted in such iconic German films as Diary of a Lost Girl and Pandora’s Box. The Blog also contains numerous links to international film websites and magazines about the Jazz Age.

Pamela Hutchinson

Silent London

A blog with 13,000 followers and “a place for people who love silent film,” features richly illustrated, analytical essays on known and recently discovered silent films and their larger contexts. Invaluable links to other blogs and silent film websites and festivals, as well as the biographies of silent film musicians.

Keith Withall

Early and Silent Film

A British blog with focus on long reviews of new DVD releases and silent film festival, such as the Weimar cinema retrospective at the Berlinale 2018.

Antti Alanen

Film Diary

An occasional blog (in English) about Weimar films and their contemporary legacy, including annual reviews of Bologna and Pordenone film festivals spanning back to their inception in the 1980s. Searchable by director and title.

A sourcebook of contemporary German reviews of Weimar films, such as Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari, Nosferatu, Metropolis, et al.

The Weimar Talkies Project

This website is intended to be an archive and documentation of all-talking feature films produced in the Weimar Republic from 1929 to 1933.

Women Film Pioneers Project

"A scholarly website that provides digital resources for the exploration of “women’s global involvement at all levels of film production during the silent era.”


This website is the home of the International Society for the Study of Early Cinema, which focuses on cinema from its emergence to its institutionalization around 1915. Launched in 1985 at the Pordenone Silent Film festival, it has become a portal for research on early cinema and a host of the biennial international conference on aspects of early cinema. The last conference was held in Paris.

Weimar Film Network

German Screen Studies Network

Weimar Studies Network

CineGraph Babelsberg

Medienwissenschaft Rezensionen